Marketing / Campaign Collateral

YouthREACH MD (Reach out, Engage, Assist, & Count to end Homelessness) is a program by the University of MD School of Social Work. The program is working to connect with the unaccompanied homeless youth and young adults in Maryland in an effort to obtain accurate, detailed information on the number, characteristics, and needs of unaccompanied homeless youth in the state. 


  • Campaign Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Art Direction / Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Marketing ToolKit
  • Branding


We recognized that, first and foremost, this was an information gathering initiative; consequently, our idea included engaging with audiences through imagery that makes an impression. The youth targeted for this campaign needed to be able to identify with the campaign and imagery played a key role. We created messaging that resonated with the youth and that spoke to them and not at them. We elevated awareness and empathy by focusing more on the general population and their recognition that youth homelessness does, indeed, exist—helping to reinforce kindness, acknowledgment of the issue, and a basic understanding that homeless youth matter and they are a part of our community. We created handout cards, flyers, posters, a Facebook presence, web graphics, and Twitter pages.